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Welcome to A Spark Of Life Transformations. I've created this blog to share some of the spiritual insights and effective methods for purposeful transformation that I've gleaned over the years. Also included are some bits and pieces of my own experiences and musings. I want to know about your experiences as well. What worked for you -- and what didn't. Ask a question. Make a statement. Share your heart. I only ask that you be respectful in your posts. I can't wait to get started!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Dip Into The Akashic Receords

I have been fascinated with the Akashic records for quite some time, but only have a cursory knowledge of what they are, so when one of my Soul Coaching ® acquaintances recommended Juliette Looye for a reading, I went to her website to check it out.  Check out Julie’s website for more information on what she does and the Akashic records.

As I read about the Akashic Records and what Julie does during a reading, I felt quite drawn to get a reading from her and promptly called her to make an appointment. I was quite pleased that she managed to get me in the next day and, as suggested, I  wrote down a list of questions I wanted more information about: What is this low-level anxiety I often experience all about? Why has this dream I've had for a Healing Center for Healers for over 25 years not come any closer to fruition? I want to take more courses in the Healing Arts and have several that are calling to me, which ones should I consider? Then, a few minutes before I called her, I sat down and asked to have my heart and spirit be open to receive a reading for my highest potential. I asked that my guides and angels be made available to Julie for a clear reading. I took a deep breath and made the call.

Julie explained she would open the reading with a prayer and then I was to read her the list of questions I had written down. The Masters, Teachers, Guides and Loved Ones would then guide her to answer certain questions first, she explained. After the prayer there was a moment of silence while she made contact with my Masters, Teachers, Guides and Loved Ones. As soon as she began praying, I felt this rush of energy up my spine and my head tilted to the right. I was not concerned about this as this often happens when I am receiving spiritual information or during a healing, but I was soon to find out it had a much deeper meaning.

She began by telling me she just had a curious reaction during her prayer that had never happened to her before and described that her head tilted to the right and when she asked about this, she was told that this indicated that I always had my ear turned toward heaven to hear messages from God and that she would learn more about it during the reading. When I told her I had experienced the same thing, she was amazed.

Soon she uncovered a past life where I had been thrown into a ditch, landed on my side with my left ear turned up toward heaven. I had broken or dislocated my right shoulder and could not get out and was covered with dirt and left to die. I did not die quickly in this ditch and of course, it stank there and, I at first panicked and went out of my mind, but, I eventually began to make peace with where I was and the elementals that came to visit me while I was in the ground. (Is this why I am so connected to the earth now? I’m a landscaper – hello!)
As the reading continued, it was revealed that I was a king and not a very nice one. I was neither benevolent nor kind to my people and was, in fact, very detached and indifferent and I treated them like vermin. (Like ants under my boot, was how Julie described it.) There was an incident where the water supply was contaminated in my kingdom and, although I was repeatedly called upon to fix the situation, I did nothing to correct it and consequently many people died. My response was to tell them to dig ditches to dump the dead in them. One day I was out and about and verbalizing my disdain over the people, their complaints and their mess created by the dead bodies when a few who overheard my complaints attacked me and threw me into one of my own ditches filled with dead bodies and covered me with dirt.

You can imagine the stench and the panic I felt as I laid there, angry at my situation and the cruelty of the people who had done this to me! After the panic and going literally "out of my mind", I grew to regret the cold indifference and cruelty that I had shown my people, and I began to accept where I was, the earth and all phases of life and death. It was a very comfortable peaceful place for me. The elementals and angels became my friends as my spirit left my body and I began to decompose.

Why has this impacted me so much now? For one thing, I am to learn in this life to accept ALL people regardless of their path, stage of growth and station in life. That includes myself. I was shown that I have a great love for the earth and nature in this lifetime, but not so much for humankind. (So true!) I am intolerant of people who show cruelty and disregard for the earth and nature. I do not suffer fools gladly and find myself frequently angry over the disrespect and cruelty shown to the earth, animals and children. And, I have still not forgiven myself in this life for the cruelty and insensitivity I displayed while a king in that life. (Anyone wondering why I have attracted cruel, insensitive people that think first of themselves in this lifetime??) But, as Julie gently reminded me, everyone is on a path that is taking them one step closer to reuniting with God.

As for the dreams of doing great things in my life during this lifetime: (i.e.: Having a large retreat center, speaking in front of large audiences and becoming a well-known author.) They are not so much my dreams and goals in this life as the memories from my past life when I did great things and held great power. To uncover this was so freeing. I stopped feeling so much guilt for not having accomplished these things in this life. It’s not that I cannot do them – and, I certainly may sometime in the future, I just felt so released to do and be exactly who I am, even if that is just keeping a garden.

As I continue to review this experience, I find more and more connections to why I respond to certain situations and people in this life and am reminded to continually forgive, forgive, forgive -- myself as well as those I have judged.

What has your experience with the Akashic Records been like? What have you learned or would like to learn?